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Anonymous asked:

Hi can you do a blurb of how luke and would be as a boyfriend

ihemmo answered:

bc luke feels and i’ve just finished reading a romance young adult book in under 24 hours it’s called isla and the happily ever after check out the series it’s awesome

so i think luke would make a really cute boyfriend ummmmmmmm caN U JUST PICTURE IT BC I DEFINITELY CAN  i think he would insist on doing a lot of things his girlfriend and be really cute and patient and loyal and everything else positive and it would be really cute because when his girlfriend has a bad day he would really want to be there to cheer her up especially when he has a girlfriend and do you know how long he’s been single really i just want a luke hemmings as my boyfriend and i can try to not complain abt life ever again but like since he’s a singer he would spend heaps of time just humming or actually singing just because he knows she likes it aWe okay but he would also take care of his girlfriend so much okay he would worry a lot because since he’s out of training when it comes to having a girlfriend again bc not since a long time right and he would constantly ask if she was okay and all that cute stuffs okay:(((((((((((

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